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Which Building Has the World's Fastest-Moving Elevator?

Skyscaper Balcony Project in Vienna: Himmelsfalter

Skyscaper Balcony Project Vienna, Himmelsfalter, Austrian Architecture, Property Images, Architect

Skyscaper Balcony Project in Vienna

Building on Weyringergasse, Wien, Austria – design by X ARCHITEKTEN

23 Sep 2017

Skyscaper Balcony Project, Vienna


Herb heaven in Vienna

Location: Weyringergasse, Vienna, Austria

Skyscaper Balcony Project in Vienna


The Viennese district Wieden with its historic character and proximity to the city centre is the perfect place to live for the Austrian-Italian family. The only downside is the lack of personal outdoor space, a scarce commodity in this densely populated Wilhelminian city. Therefore, a new balcony is to complement the family’s living space with a small herb and vegetable garden as well as a dining table to enjoy mealtimes outside.

Himmelsfalter Wien


The small existing balcony facing the courtyard is to be extended (step 1) as it is not possible to build a balcony on the historic facade facing the street. The family would like to enjoy the largest possible balcony but is confronted with the limited possibilities within the courtyard.


The maximum extension has been discussed with the neighbours and the resulting design is a trapezoidal layout. (Step 2), “Form Follows Limits“.

Skyscaper Balcony Project in Vienna Himmelsfalter


With regards to the garden, the family envisages a continuous planting area along the railings (step 3). The plant troughs’ conical shape offers enough space for the plants to grow and sufficient depth for their roots.


The precise folding of the balcony’s outside perfectly addresses the limiting legal and spacial parameters and therefore offers the best possible insertion into the courtyard. An indentation into the geometry ensures the required exposure to natural light for the living-room window of the apartment below (step 4). On the opposite side, a fold towards the balcony’s inside makes sure that there is a big enough gap to the window of the stairwell (step 5). The strict guidelines help to create interesting forms and effects to make this balcony individual.


A topography of differently inclined partial surfaces are created through the surfaces’ mirroring (step 6) and their triangulation (step 7). The differently inclined mirrors configure their surroundings as never previously perceived. The light reflecting balcony experiments with our perception and is full of positive effects. The reflections expand the courtyard’s limited space by the size of its own mirror image. The polished surface of the stainless steel creates a special depth effect. The courtyard now has richer views towards the sky and rays of sunshine which are led all the way down into the courtyard as the light fragments.

This camouflage results in a private retreat which only gives away the shape of the balcony on closer inspection. The balcony’s timber boards on the inside provide a contrast to the mirrored and abstract outside. Removable plant troughs, integrated into the cladding, offer space for plenty of vegetation, adding to the balcony’s privacy.

Skyscaper Balcony Project in Vienna

Technical implementation:

The structural system is a steel-wood construction. The integration of the main beams into the brick work of the existing house is completed by two cantilevers, which are each connected to a rigid beam, installed and vertically anchored into the wall. Most building parts had to be made smaller to be transported manually as there is no vehicular access to the courtyard. The stainless steel cladding is cut on site with the help of wooden templates to achieve utmost precision. The mirrored sheet-metal triangles are stuck to the supporting construction and additionally secured by rivets on selective points. The plant troughs inserted along the railings can be lifted out with the help of a specially-built crane device able to swivel and fold away, making it possible for the plants to survive in winter. The balcony’s interior is a flat-roof construction implemented with the required fire-resistant cladding and thermal insulation. The plant troughs’ incoming rain and waste water is led into the existing downpipe through a covered gutter. The wooden cladding on the balcony’s inside consists of thermally-treated ash boards.

Skyscaper Balcony Project in Vienna – Building Information

Location: Weyringergasse, 1040 Wien
Client: Private
Planning: X ARCHITEKTEN & Kopp Restauratoren
Engineering: Georg Walder
Steelworks: Fikret und Feriz Nakicevic, Metalltechnik

Construction data:
Floor space: 12 m² + Planting area

Planning data:
Direct order 2014
Completion 2017

Pictures: Hans Leitner

Skyscaper Balcony Project in Vienna images / information received 230917

X ARCHITEKTEN Staatlich befugte und beeidete Ziviltechniker

Linz, Austria Industriezeile 36/4, A-4020 Linz

Vienna, Austria Stumpergasse 65, 1060 Wien www

Names of the partners: David Birgmann, Bettina Brunner, Rainer Kasik, Max Nirnberger, Lorenz Prommegger.

The coopter, Thomas Sommerauer

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Man (30s) dies after he drove car into steel barrier, then broke into two homes and was restrained by gardai

A man has died after he crashed his car into a steel barrier last night in Co Dublin.

China claims earthquake in North Korea set off by nuclear testing

China's earthquake administration said on Saturday it had detected a magnitude 3.4 earthquake in North Korea that was a "suspected explosion", raising fears the isolated state had conducted another nuclear bomb test.

Tomás Ó Sé reveals Mick O'Dwyer's brilliant old school advice for how Kerry should deal with David Clifford

All-Ireland final day delivered a roman scroll full of talking points after Dublin completed a three in-a-row by pipping Mayo in yet another final - but one particular sub-plot has generated a good deal of coverage in its own right.

Pilot unions from around the world lend their support to Ryanair pilots as dispute continues over pay

Pilot unions from around the world are understood to have contacted counterparts at Ryanair to lend their support as they engage in a showdown with management in an intensifying dispute over conditions and pay.

'It was my legs or my life' - Dublin woman speaks out about deadly blaze that saw her trade three limbs for her life

A Dublin woman has spoken out about surviving a deadly house fire, which saw her mother make the decision between her “legs or her life”.

Meghan Markle's ex-husband is making a new comedy about divorce with a royal twist

Meghan Markle's producer ex-husband is drawing from the actress' real-life romance with Prince Harry for a new TV comedy about divorce.

Princess Charlene of Monaco dazzles in sparkling metallic cut-out gown in Milan

Princess Charlene's style timeline is admirable.

Government to consider buying property from developers to encourage the building of new homes

The Government is considering buying property 'off the plans' from developers in a bid to encourage them to build more homes.

Looking for a buyer for your farm? Look no further than your neighbour

The most active customers in the farm property market continue to be neighbouring farmers or landowners. There is no sector in particular splurging on land, says Paddy Jordan of Jordan auctioneers in Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Earthquake detected near North Korea nuclear test zone 'occurred naturally'

A magnitude 3.0 earthquake has been detected in North Korea around where the country recently conducted a nuclear test, South Korea's weather agency says.

Housing cows for the night is not the backend we expected

As you read this I can only hope that it's a lot drier weather than when I was writing these notes last week.

Kendall Jenner puts her game face on for Milan runway - hours after Kylie's pregnancy news leaked

The show must go on for Kendall Jenner.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Reflections

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum Reflections, Frank Gehry Spain, Public Event, Architecture, Pictures

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Reflections

Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao: Biscay Building by Frank Gehry architect: Arquitectura España

23 Sep 2017

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Reflections

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao celebrates its 20th Anniversary with the citizens

Reflections, the extraordinary mapping event on Frank Gehry’s building will include references to some of the most iconic artworks in the Museum Collection

From 11–14 October, the shimmering exterior surfaces of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum Bilbao will be transformed into a unique, sensory experience in Reflections, a spectacular projection mapping commission by 59 Productions, to celebrate the museum’s 20th Anniversary with the citizens.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Reflections 2017
visualisation from Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

A 20-minute show – combining music, light and projection – sponsored by the City of Bilbao, the Provincial Council of Biscay, and Iberdrola, Reflections will be played on a loop across four evenings, and is anticipated to draw in crowds of more than 200,000 spectators as one of the major events of the Museum’s celebration year.

Some of the most iconic artworks that surround the Museum building will have a hand in the transformations. The metalwork will become reflective and spherized like Anish Kapoor’s sculpture Tall Tree and The Eye; Louise Bourgeois’ giant spider Maman will send its huge shadow skittering across the building; and Jeff Koons’ flower-covered Puppy will propagate flowers that will bloom across the building’s surfaces.

Artist Jeff Koons said: “I think a show like Reflections, which will dramatically transform the iconic building of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao with hundreds of textures, colors, and stories, is definitely something to see. It is really enjoyable for me to see my work covering the entire Museum; I think it works as a mutual homage of sorts.”

Using cutting-edge technology, Reflections will turn the north-facing facades of the Museum into a canvas for bespoke animations, celebrating two decades of cultural transformation in Bilbao. Audiences will witness the genesis of the building, represented in Gehry’s now-iconic continuous-line sketch, and watch the (then) cutting-edge Catia computer modelling process devised for designing aeroplanes calculate the impossible curves and variations for the titanium cladding.

23 Jun 2017

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Reflections – 20th Anniversary

Date built: 1997

Architect: Frank Gehry

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao announces an extraordinary event in October to celebrate its 20th Anniversary with the people of Bilbao

A spectacular public event has been announced by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of its opening. Reflections will be an open, free-admission event made possible thanks to the collaboration of the City of Bilbao, the Provincial Council of Biscay, and Ibedrola.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Reflections 2017
visualisation from Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

Designed specifically for the occasion, Reflections — a large-scale projection mapping event — has been conceived as a unique, sensory experience for both locals and visitors alike. This will be the final event of the celebration year, which is being marked by a special art programme and numerous cultural activities.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Reflections 2017
visualisation from Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

From 11-14 October, Frank Gehry’s iconic building will be turned into an impressive public artistic intervention by Tony Award-winning video artists, 59 Productions. The Museum will see its distinctive titanium curves and soaring glass atrium used as a vast canvas for a bespoke projection-mapping event for more than 200,000 spectators, free of charge.

A visualisation of Reflections:
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Reflections
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao 20th Anniversary Celebration by 59 Productions.

“The randomness of the curves are designed to catch the light”, Frank Gehry on Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Using cutting-edge technology, the 20-minute animated artwork will be set to an original score and will trace two decades of history and creativity in Bilbao. Inspired by this rich history alongside Gehry’s visionary design and lifelong preoccupation with light, texture and movement, the projections will transform his shimmering architectural masterwork and bring art to life in an unmissable iridescent celebration of the people and city of Bilbao.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Building
photograph from Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

Reflections is the latest work from the multi award-winners 59 Productions, the team behind the video design of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Building on a decade of experience making theatrical work for some of the world’s greatest venues – including the National Theatre and the Royal Opera House in London, New York’s Metropolitan Opera and the Salzburg Festival – the Company has more recently become renowned for creating spectacular public artworks, projection-mapping some of the world’s most iconic buildings including the Sydney Opera House, Edinburgh Castle, Hampton Court Palace and the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Building
photograph from Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

Leo Warner, Director and founder of 59 Productions, said: “This extraordinary commission – to celebrate the building and the institution which played such a significant part in transforming the great city of Bilbao is without doubt one of our most exciting to date. Gehry’s iconic building presents technical challenges and creative opportunities we’ve never faced before when creating a projected artwork. We will be using sound, music, light and projection to create a unique piece of theatre in which the building itself is the hero character”.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Building
photograph from Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

Juan Ignacio Vidarte, Director General of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, said: “It was very important for us to conceive an exceptional event to celebrate the Anniversary and share it with the people that are closer to us: the citizens that we have so much to thank for. By working together, an extraordinary transformation has been possible in Bilbao, which will convey the message to the world about of how art changes everything. Although we cannot at this moment reveal more details about this event, Reflections will be a unique, once-in-a-lifetime show.”

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Building
photo from Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

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Guggenheim Museum Bilbao 20th Anniversary

Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao – 20th Anniversary

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao 20th Anniversary – excerpts below

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents special programme of events for its 20th Anniversary celebration

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is proud to announce a special programme of events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its opening.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Building
photograph from Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

The Museum will host a series of special activities and standout exhibitions to commemorate and consolidate the institution’s leading position in the international art scene and its commitment to local communities and the artistic heritage of Bilbao. Twelve months of special programming will culminate in a major celebration of events in October 2017 to mark the anniversary of the opening, with details to be announced.

The Anniversary will be commemorated in all the Museum’s activities from October 2016 through October 2017 under the concept “Art Changes Everything,” a slogan inspired both by the major changes that the city of Bilbao and its residents have lived since the Museum opened, and the transformational capacity of art.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Building
photograph from Fundación del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

The full anniversary exhibition programme

• Fiona Tan: Disorient, 22 December 2016 – 19 March 2017
• Abstract Expressionism, 3 February – 4 June 2017
• Pello Irazu: A Retrospective, 10 March – 25 June
• Pierre Huyghe: (Untitled) Human Mask, 30 March – 25 June 2017
• Paris, fin de siècle: Signac, Redon, Toulous-Lautrec, and their Contemporaries, 12 May – 10 September 2017
• Bill Viola: A Retrospective, 30 June – 5 November 2017
• Georg Baselitz. Heroes, 14 July – 22 October 2017
• Ken Jacobs: The Guests, 27 July – 19 November 2017
• Anni Albers: Touching Vision, 30 September 2017 – 14 January 2018
• David Hockney, 10 November 2017 – 25 February 2018
• Amie Siegel: Winter, 30 November 2017 – 4 March 2018
• Art and Space, 1 December 2017 – 8 April 2018

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Building
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain photo © 2008 Gehry Partners LLP

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Building
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain photo © 2008 Gehry Partners LLP

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Guggenheim Bilbao : YouTube film

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Architect: Frank Gehry

Address: Av Abandoibarra, 2, 48009 Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain

Phone: +34 944 35 90 00

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Guggenheim Museum New York
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'I never got to thank the stranger who saved my life' - Coldplay fan left paralysed after diving into pool on family holiday

A Dublin man has described his "nightmare holiday" after he was left paralysed in a freak accident while in Spain with his family.

Young pedestrian killed after being struck by SUV

A young man has been killed after being struck by an SUV early this morning.

Watch: Michael Conlan wins fourth pro fight in style after spectacular second round knockout

Michael Conlan improved his professional record to 4-0 after a knockout win over Kenny Guzman in Arizona early this morning.

'I am horrified' - Backlash against Newstalk's decision to keep George Hook on air at weekends

Newstalk's decision to move broadcaster George Hook to a weekend slot following an internal investigation into inappropriate comments he made about rape has been met with backlash.

Dublin Marathon delayed due to traffic chaos

The Dublin Marathon has been delayed until 10am as traffic chaos hits the city.

18-year-old Lauren McDonagh from Donegal is crowned the new Miss Ireland

A teenager from Donegal has been crowned this year's Miss Ireland.

Polls close as New Zealand awaits result of closely fought election

Polls have closed in New Zealand's national elections amid what looks like a close race between the conservative prime minister and his liberal challenger.

Mourinho admits he has ‘no idea’ when Pogba will be fit again

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho claims that he has “no idea” when Paul Pogba will be available after injury but he expects his squad to cope with the French midfielder’s absence.

vendredi 22 septembre 2017

Farmer killed instantly as his quad overturns

A 67-year-old Co Mayo man became the second victim of a farm tragedy within a week when his quad overturned while he was spreading weedkiller.

Priest heckled over anti-drugs funeral sermon has no regrets

A defiant parish priest has said he has no regrets despite being heckled during an impassioned sermon against crime and drugs during the funeral of a gangland murder victim.

Man charged with trying to drown Jack Russell terrier

A man charged with attempting to drown a Jack Russell terrier by allegedly tying a five-litre drum of water to its neck using cable ties has been sent forward for trial by judge and jury.

3,400 cancelled surgeries a month swelling waiting lists

Public hospitals are now cancelling around 3,400 planned surgeries every month.

EirGrid scales down huge connection to Connacht

Electricity grid operator EirGrid has announced plans to replace the Grid West electricity transmission project with a smaller-scale development.

Five-year map to 'automatic pension' plan

The Government has promised to speed up putting pensions in place for around one million private sector workers who have no occupational scheme.

US federal government notifies 21 states of election hacking

The US federal government has told election officials in 21 states that hackers targeted their systems before last year's presidential election.

John McCain deals blow to 'Obamacare' repeal plan

US Senator John McCain has declared his opposition to the last-ditch effort to repeal and replace "Obamacare", dealing a likely death blow to the legislation and, perhaps, to the Republican Party's years of vows to kill the programme.

Taron Egerton: Harry Hart had to come back from the dead in Kingsman sequel

Kingsman star Taron Egerton has spoken of how important it was for Colin Firth’s character to come back from the dead for a sequel.

Cultural Center of Beicheng Central Park in Hefei / Shenzhen Huahui Design

House I / YDS Architects

Inter-Company Restaurant / Atelier Didier Dalmas

One person left with severe injuries after serious collision in Dublin residential area

Gardaí are at the scene of a serious road collision in the capital which has left one person with severe injuries.

Kylie Jenner is 'pregnant' - U.S. reports

Kylie Jenner is pregnant, according to US website TMZ.

Eddie Howe: Football does not have a drinking problem

Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe has dismissed suggestions of a drinking culture in football in the wake of Wayne Rooney's drink-driving conviction.

Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen ready for physical match against Andy Carroll

Tottenham's Jan Vertonghen is preparing for a scrap against Andy Carroll on Saturday but says he is not afraid of the West Ham striker.

Wenger expecting big changes in transfer market rules

Arsene Wenger is predicting a major shake-up to the transfer market in the next year.

Weinfelden Fire Station / kit

Dad-of-three released from prison to visit three children and partner - two critically ill - after flat fire

A father-of-three whose partner and children were badly injured in a suspicious fire in Dublin this week is to be allowed out of prison, where he is on remand, to visit them in hospital.

'He thought he was Lionel Messi' - Eamon Dunphy claims some Dublin footballers 'really fancy themselves'

Eamon Dunphy has claimed that the three-in-a-row All-Ireland-winning Dublin footballers will be admired but never 'loved' and labelled an unnamed player 'a bigheaded p***k' during a radio interview this evening.

We need clarity on Ireland, EU citizens and Brexit financial terms - France's Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that in Brexit talks, rules on the settlement of European Union citizens, the financial terms of Britain's departure from the EU, and the question of Ireland must be clarified before other issues can be tackled.

WATCH: Young musicians break into trad session on Dublin Bus

Two young musicians breaking into a trad session on a Dublin Bus was just one of the spectacles for Culture Night this evening.

Mexico quake death toll rises to 293, as searches for survivors continue

Mexico has raised the death toll from Tuesday's earthquake to 293, with more than half the fatalities in the capital.

Leinster blown away and run ragged by rampant Cheetahs

Welcome to the Guinness PRO14 party, South Africa. The Cheetahs always looked a better bet of the two newcomers to make waves in the tournament and they gave Leinster plenty to think about as they make their long journey home in drips and drabs this morning.

Barry Daly hat-trick in vain for Leinster

Leinster slipped to their first Guinness PRO14 defeat of the season in Bloemfontein despite a hat-trick of Barry Daly tries as Cheetahs secured a 38-19 victory.

Mother wins official parentage of daughter she had with half-brother

A girl born to an unwittingly incestuous couple has had her full parentage acknowledged by a French court, in apparent contravention of the country's civil code, it has been reported.

Scotch Beg makes every post a winning one

Scotch Beg ran out a really game winner of the Get Ready For Autumn Rated Novice Hurdle at Downpatrick.

This house for sale in New York has two waterfalls and a luscious forest

If you’re on the market for a beautiful home that forces you to get in touch with nature, then you might want to check out this piece of property that just went on the market in upstate New York. Delphi Falls, located near Cazenovia, NY, features more than 60 acres of land that include two waterfalls, a creek and woodlands. 0905 0906 The rustic wooden home was built in 1945 and is 3,500 square feet with four bedrooms and three baths. The master bedroom suite on the first floor holds...

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Dplus Intertrade Head Office / Pure Architect

How Narinder Sagoo And Foster + Partners Are Turning Architectural Preconceptions On Their Head

Thousands turn out to pay respects at funeral of hardworking young farmer and family man Martin Kehoe

A small rural community came to a standstill this afternoon to mourn the tragic passing of a hardworking young farmer and family man who died in a farming accident on his family farm.

'It could have been a very different outcome' - Heroic school staff help save boy's life with defibrillator

A heroic school principal helped save a boy's life by performing CPR and using a defibrillator on him when he suffered a cardiac arrest.

WATCH - Incredible Celtic team goal included in FIFA Puskas Award shortlist for best goal of 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar will again battle it out to be named the best player in the world in FIFA's annual awards.

I have no sons left, my heart is torn away - Mum broken by grief after losing third child to suicide

No one would want to be where Patricia Ferrin and her family are right now.

Just two players from outside Dublin and Mayo make Ciarán Whelan's team of the year

Michael Fitzsimons, Brian Fenton and Lee Keegan among those omitted from Ciarán Whelan's Team of the Year. Check out his XV below.

Peter Canavan - Mayo have the plan to beat Dubs but one size won't fit all

After the All-Ireland final is wrapped up, a few of us from the Sky Sports team usually take ourselves off into the city for a few drinks to mark the end of another season.

Former football star Kinsella's drink-drive charge is thrown out

Former Republic of Ireland football star Mark Kinsella has been cleared of drink-driving.

John Giles - There is a big gap in Jurgen Klopp's football knowledge

WHEN a manager reaches into his bag of excuses and can come up with nothing more than blaming players, he’s in trouble. Jurgen Klopp is in that place now.

Rare white tiger killed in attack after zoo 'mishap'

A rare white tiger has died after being attacked by its more common Bengal tiger cousins.

Four people - including father and son - in court over wedding murder

Four people including a father and son have appeared in court charged with murdering a relative at a Travellers' wedding in Northern Ireland.

Canadian Pavilion at 2018 Venice Biennale to Explore Indigenous Design

Sea turtles appearto be bouncing back from the brink of extinction

Good news! Despite man-made catastrophes and the unwelcome effects of climate change, populations of sea turtles appear to be thriving. The comprehensive analysis, was published in the journal Science Advances, revealed that even small populations (which normally have a tough time reviving their numbers) are “bouncing back.” However, most sea turtle species are still listed as “vulnerable” or “endangered,” which is why conservation efforts must continue. The comprehensive analysis...

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Millgrove House / Sanam Samanian

'Work in alternative location at your own cost during quiet period, or opt for unpaid leave' - Ryanair letter to cabin crew

Ryanair has given some staff in the UK the option of work in an alternative location, where they have to pay their own accommodation, or unpaid leave.

Peek inside this healthy eating guru's seaside home - with a kitchen to die for

Do tens of thousands of Irish urbanites and rural dwellers realise that their single storey bungalow home designs originated from a Victorian craze imported from the British Raj - along with gin and tonic, India pale ale and vindaloo?

Nasa's Osiris-Rex asteroid chaser passes Earth on way to space rock

Nasa's asteroid-chasing spacecraft is swinging by Earth on its way to a space rock.

Miss Turkey dethroned over 'unacceptable' tweet about failed coup

Miss Turkey has been stripped of her crown over a tweet that was deemed insulting to the memory of the 250 people killed opposing last year's failed military coup.

Sergio Aguero and Gareth Barry could both be record breakers this weekend

Manchester City's Sergio Aguero and West Brom's Gareth Barry could both become record breakers in the latest round of Premier League fixtures.

15 Must-See Installations at the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial

DesignIntelligence Announces Top Architecture Schools for 2017–2018

Twix House / Studio RED

George Hook steps down from lunchtime show... but will return to Newstalk later this year

GEORGE HOOK is to step down from his lunchtime slot on Newstalk following his controversial comments about rape earlier this month.

Emotional scenes as stars gather to pay their respects to legendary sports broadcaster Jimmy Magee

Jimmy Magee, AKA the 'Memory Man', was laid to rest amid emotional scenes in Dublin today.

Theresa May's sets out plans for two-year 'implementation period' after Brexit where EU rules would still apply

Theresa May has set out plans for a two-year implementation period to smooth the Brexit process and promised to honour the UK's commitments to the EU's budget as she sought to end the deadlock over Britain's break from Brussels.

By calling out Lions’ shortcomings, Roy Keane-esque Sean O’Brien puts his hand up to captain Ireland

Reading Seán O'Brien's withering assessment of the Lions coaches' shortcomings in New Zealand last summer, a couple of images of the morning after the night before came to mind.

Justice Minister warns gardaí he wants 'all the skeletons out of all the cupboards'

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan warned that he wants to see "all the skeletons out of all of the cupboards" in terms of Garda scandals and controversies.

Australian schoolgirl who took her own life after alleged gang rape unlikely to get justice, say authorities

Five teenagers allegedly involved in the gang rape of a 13-year-old Australian girl, who took her own life two years later, may never be prosecuted, the state of Victoria's Victims of Crime Commissioner has said.

Pep Guardiola: League Cup is a 'waste of energy'

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes English clubs might be better without the "wasted energy" of a League Cup campaign.

Rafael Benitez laughs off prospect of top-four finish for Newcastle

Newcastle boss Rafael Benitez has laughed off the prospect of a top-four Premier League finish despite his side's encouraging start to the season.

How termites draw on solar power for climate control

Termite mounds could hold clues into passive climate control, according to new research. Seven scientists scrutinized African termite mounds to see how they keep their homes cool in the sun and also maintain a uniform concentration of carbon dioxide. Researchers have looked at south Asian termite mounds in the past, but as those are often more shaded, uncovering the secrets of African termite mounds could lead to new building ideas.

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Astronomers observe an object in space unlike anything they've seen before

Space is full of oddities, but astronomers were recently able to observe a type of object we've never found anything like. 288P is a binary asteroid - or two asteroids orbiting each other - that has the features of a comet, like a long tail and bright coma, or cloud of dust and gas surrounding a comet's nucleus. It is the first binary asteroid we've ever found that can also be classified as a comet. Related:

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Nicaragua joins Paris Accord, leaving the US and Syria as lone dissenters

  A big wake-up call is coming for President Trump, now that Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega has plans to sign the Paris Accord. In December of 2015, nearly 200 countries signed the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce global greenhouse emissions and prevent climate change from worsening. Despite receiving counsel on the decision, US President Trump refused to enter into the agreement because he believes climate change is a “hoax” invented by the Chinese. As a result, the US and war-torn...

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Museum at Prairiefire / Verner Johnson

'Bad, bad decisions' - Some mourners heckle priest at funeral of gangland victim Darragh Nugent

SOME mourners heckled the priest during the funeral mass today of Darragh Nugent, who was shot dead in Dublin earlier this month.

'The only alternative' - Strike action fears for rail and bus passengers unless 'tangible' offer made

RAIL and bus passengers may face strikes next month, a union leader has warned.

Trump fires back at Kim Jung-un and calls him a 'madman'

North Korea's Kim Jong Un "will be tested like never before," U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday as the two leaders continued to trade insults and Pyongyang threatened to test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

Galway artist makes finals of prestigious world art competition

An Irish artists has made the shortlist of 10 finalists in a global art competition.

Man (18) charged with attempted murder in relation to London Tube bombing

An 18-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder and possessing explosives over the Parsons Green Tube terrorist attack.

Burned body of 'au pair' found in garden as man and woman charged with murder in UK

The badly burned body of an “au pair” has been found in the garden of a London home worth almost €1,000,000 and a couple have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Manchester United's €661m breaks record

Manchester United have turned over more than half a billion pounds for the second successive year, with a record-breaking £581.2m (€661m) revealed.

Francis Brennan at your service with Grand Tour of Cork and Kerry

Francis Brennan is hitting the road again... but this time much closer to home in his beloved southwest.

'A significant step forward' - First three language plans for the Gaeltacht improved

The approval of the first three language plans for the Gaeltacht has been hailed as a "significant step forward" by Minister of State for Gaeilge, Gaeltacht and the Islands, Joe McHugh.

Stoke manager Mark Hughes faces a headache in defence for Chelsea clash

Stoke boss Mark Hughes is facing the prospect of heading into Saturday's Premier League clash against champions Chelsea with only one senior centre-back available.

Billionaire Paul Coulson takes over management of Ardagh Group following CEO's shock departure

Billionaire Paul Coulson is taking over direct management of his Ardagh Group, following the surprise departure of CEO Ian Curley after just over a year in the job.

Soaring timber tower could clean up contaminated water in NYC's Central Park

Related: "Aside from supplying water to the pool and Harlem Meer, the Reservoir sits stagnant and fenced off due to its current state as a health threat to millions of New Yorkers, tourists and animals," said DFA. "DFA envisions a temporary landmark that is remarkably of its time to creatively transform the reservoir into one of New York's boldest urban amenities," said studio founder Laith Sayigh. "This conceptual project pushes the boundaries of what we perceive is possible in a city as...

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The 15 Most Popular Architectural Materials & Products of 2017

WAA's Renovation of Antwerp Tower Will be the Third Tallest in the City

Puerto Rico could be without electricity for months due to Hurricane Maria

  Last Saturday, a Category 4 hurricane named Maria pummeled Puerto Rico. Hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed by the 155 mph winds, and the entire island was left in a total blackout. After a natural disaster such as this, residents would usually go about their lives and pick up the pieces along the way. Due to the island's poor infrastructure, economic woes and the damage caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, however, it may be months before millions of people have access to...

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Nouvelle AOM wins competition to give Paris' Tour Montparnasse a massive green makeover

French architectural consortium of Nouvelle AOM has just been chosen to redesign Paris' historic Tour Montparnasse. The winning design includes a modern makeover for the historic tower that includes cladding the building in a transparent shell and adding a vegetated forest that will improve the air quality around the tower. The 689-foot Tour Montparnasse was completed in 1973, and was France's tallest skyscraper until 2011. There is a lot of history behind...

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The cost of solar power drops more than 25% in one year

The revolution continues and solar energy is leading the charge. In a recently published report, the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratories documented that the cost of utility-scale solar, in contrast to residential solar,

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Mother (42) banned from every pub in Irish town for a year after hubby ended up playing pool

A judge has banned a 42-year-old mother of ten from every pub in the north Clare town of Ennistymon for 12 months.

Hostel owner slams reports players 'rode goat like a horse' and 'wreaked havoc' on small island

The owner of a hostel on a small island off Donegal has slammed media reports a visiting football team "wreaked havoc" and "rode a goat like a horse" following a match over the weekend.

Ryanair pilots receive new rosters - but only for the next three weeks

Ryanair has issued new rosters to pilots this morning.

The Ploughing is over for another year... but there's still one family firm on site

Ryan's Cleaning have been involved in the Ploughing Championships since 2001 so they're well versed in large crowds.

Uber denied London licence in huge setback for the company

Uber will not be issued with an operating licence after its current deal expires on September 30, Transport for London (TfL) has announced.

Irish blogger Rosie Connolly praised for makeup-free selfie of acne: 'My skin issues do not make me ugly'

Irish blogger Rosie Connolly has been praised for sharing a makeup-free selfie showing her acne after years of struggling with her skin.

Ask Brian: My boyfriend needs to put down the pizza and lose his new moobs or I'm leaving

I've been with my boyfriend two and a half years and everything is going pretty well, except for the fact that since the start of this year he's been piling on weight.

Brian McFadden shares sweet snap of the women in his life: 'All my girls'

Brian McFadden has shared a sweet photo to Instagram all of the women in his life.

Here’s that brilliant video from Irish band Jiggy that has gone viral with 14m views

An Irish band has just entered the World Music Charts after their new video Silent Place went viral.

Explained: President Trump dubbed a 'dotard' - but what does it actually mean?

US President Donald Trump has been labelled a 'dotard' by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un - and many native English speakers had to scramble for their dictionaries.

Football in North Korea under Kim Jong-un - an inside look at the beautiful game being played in shadow of nuclear war

“Put it this way, if he starts threatening Taiwan then I’ll know that he’s following me,” says Gary White, the newly-appointed coach of the Taiwanese national team.

'My late mother came back to me and gave me strength' - Joan Burton breaks silence on Jobstown trial

Former Tanaiste Joan Burton has broken her silence on the Jobstown trial, saying her late mother "came back" to her during the high-profile court case.

Puerto Rico facing weeks without electricity after Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico and Dominica are struggling to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria as the eye of the storm nears the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Spotlight: Gunnar Asplund

Cha Le Teahouse in Vancouver

Cha Le Teahouse in Vancouver, Building Interior British Columbia, Cafe Architecture

Cha Le Teahouse in Vancouver

Contemporary Cafe Building Interior BC, Canada – design by Leckie Studio Architecture + Design Inc.

Sep 22, 2017

Cha Le Tea Cafe in Vancouver

Design: Leckie Studio Architecture + Design Inc.

Location: 1207 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, southern British Columbia, Canada

Cha Le Teahouse in Vancouver

Cha Le Teahouse provides a modernist interpretation of the traditional Chinese tea ritual. The space is defined by a minimalist character that relies on an interplay of geometry and material uniformity. A meticulously coordinated plywood matrix operates as an ordering system for the casework and retail display – this motif is replicated throughout the space to create a sense of rhythm, depth and shadow.

Cha Le Teahouse in Vancouver

More photos online soon

This uniform material backdrop lends visual calm and abstract serenity to the immersive sensual experience of drinking tea.

The focus on wood is economical, and alludes to the sensitivity to materiality that is significant to traditional Chinese tea ceremonies, and often expressed through humble materials. The sculptural mass and quality of the ‘tea bar’ creates and shapes the space around it, finding inspiration in the Modernist sculptures of Donald Judd, in which materials such as plywood are distilled into their reductionist forms.

Cha Le Teahouse makes use of a restrained quantity and minimal tonal qualities in the materials used, expressed through a uniformity in the material palette. Whereas the ordering structure of the space may be described as rigid and orthogonal, the architect intentionally softened perceptual hard edges by choosing a warm, light palette that adds a sense of intimacy to the overall experience of the space.

The teahouse adopts a warm and subdued sense of lighting throughout the space. Embedded within the grid, the LED light panels hover in a mysterious manner, blurring over the crisp lines of the grid. Natural light is allowed to filter in through the shop-front, connecting the teahouse to the street-level patio. Materiality is central to the tea ceremony – beyond the sensual qualities of the tea, the ‘interplay’ between natural elements in the space and objects of the ceremony equally inform the experience.

The ceremony of exchange, and the concentration ofawareness towards posture and gesture is articulated through simple objects. The senses are heightened by focusing on a single material, revealing the variations and unique qualities that are inherent to items of ritual. The design for Cha Le Teahouse interprets this attentiveness by elevating modest, ubiquitous construction materialsto allow for architectural clarity and refinement.

Norman Copenhagen Form Barstool 65 cm in white/oak
Norman Copenhagen Form Chair in white/oak

B/BB Baltic birch plywood, clear matte lacquer finish
‘Tea Bar’ counter in Cosentino Silestone Daria solid surfacing
Work surfaces in solid birch butcher block

Michael Leckie, PrincipalArchitect AIBC, M.Arch, B.ScL 3685Cha Le Teahouse

Location / Vancouver, BC
Project Type / Restaurant Interior
Size / 674 sf
Completion / January 2017

Photography / Ema Peter
Branding / Glasfurd & Walker

Address: 1207 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3, Canada
Phone: +1 604-633-9989

To see all listed projects on a single map please follow this link.

Vancouver Buildings

Vancouver Architecture Designs – chronological list

Vancouver Architecture Walking Tours

Vancouver Architecture

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
Design: James K Cheng, architect
Fairmont Hotel
image from architects

Beach and Howe Tower

Jameson House

Royal BC Museum Victoria

TELUS Garden Building in Vancouver

Vancouver Architects – architecture practice listings on e-architect

Vancouver Art Gallery Museum Building

Washington Architecture

Washington Developments

Charles Smith Wines Jet City Seattle Building, Seattle, WA, USA
Design: Olson Kundig Architects
Charles Smith Wines Jet City Seattle
photo : Kevin Scott and Nic Lehoux

Charles Smith Wines Jet City Seattle Building

Minor + Stewart Towers in Seattle
Design: WATG, Architects
Minor + Stewart Towers in Seattle
images courtesy of WATG, Architects

Minor + Stewart Towers in Seattle Building – Apr 20, 2017

Asian Art Museum in Seattle Building Expansion
Design: LMN Architects
Asian Art Museum in Seattle Building
design rendering courtesy of LMN Architects

Asian Art Museum in Seattle Building – 4 Oct 2016

Madrona House
Madrona House
photograph : Aaron Leitz; Seattle, WA

Madrona House

Wagner Education Center Building, The Center for Wooden Boats, South Lake Union
Design: Olson Kundig Architects
Wagner Education Center at CWB South Lake Union
illustration courtesy of Olson Kundig Architects

Wagner Education Center Seattle

Pine Forest Cabin, Winthrop, near Seattle, Washington
Design: Balance Associates Architects
Pine Forest Cabin in Washington
photo : Steve Keating Photography

Pine Forest Cabin

Wolf Creek View Cabin, near Seattle, Eastern Washington
Design: Balance Associates Architects
Wolf Creek View Cabin in Washington
photo : Steve Keating Photography

Wolf Creek View Cabin

Capitol Hill Residence, Seattle
Design: Balance Associates Architects
Capitol Hill Residence Seattle
photo : Steve Keating Photography

Capitol Hill Residence

MIRROR Seattle Art Museum
Design: Doug Aitken
MIRROR Seattle Art Museum
image : Doug Aitken

MIRROR Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park
Design: Weiss/Manfredi
Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park
photograph © Iwan Baan

Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park

Lake Union Float Home, central Seattle
Design: Northwest Architects
Lake Union Float Home
photograph : Ben Benschneider

Lake Union Float Home

House in the Trees, west Washington
Design: COOP15, Architects
House in the Trees
photo © Lara Swimmer

House in the Trees

Website: Vancouver

American Architects

American Buildings : major architecture developments + designs

Comments / photos for the Cha Le Teahouse in Vancouver Building page welcome

Cha Le Teahouse in Vancouver, BC, Canada : page

Website: Cha Le Teahouse

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Geothermal-powered Lake Austin Home is tuned into nature

Local studio A Parallel Architecture designed the award-winning Lake Austin Residence, a beautiful luxury home that derives inspiration from nature. Despite its large 6,750-square-foot size and horizontal footprint, the contemporary house achieves a sense of lightness thanks to ample full-height glazing and limestone massing. The energy-efficient dwelling offers geothermal climate control, as well as onsite waste treatment and water collection. Spread out across two stories, the Lake...

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State-run primary schools will no longer offer First Communion class

State-run primary schools are taking formal religious instruction for pupils off the timetable.

Firm owned by Deirdre Foley makes €450k from controversial closure of iconic Dublin store and loss of 130 jobs

A firm owned by the businesswoman at the centre of the controversial closure of the iconic Dublin store Clerys and redevelopment of the site last year made almost €450,000 from the project.

Marilyn Manson pulls fake gun on interviewer, flicks his testicles, and blames Columbine shooting for 'destroying' his entire career

Marilyn Manson has sensationally blamed the 1999 Columbine High School shooting for "destroying my entire career".

Theresa May to offer €20bn for transitional Brexit deal in landmark speech

THERESA MAY will tell European counterparts their shared political legacies depend on agreeing a good Brexit deal as she seeks to break the deadlock in negotiations over the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

Are you the new John Joe the horologist? Young performers given extra 7 days to apply for Late Late Toy Show

The deadline for applications to be part of the cast for this year's Late Late Toy Show has been extended by another seven days.

'I was put on a cancer drug trial... and later discovered it actually made the cancer progress faster' - Irish woman (46)

I once heard a story about medical students studying cancer. Before they finish the module, they have one last class where they are told, 'Calm down, you don't have cancer', because by then they're convinced every bump or itch is a symptom of something terminal. I wonder if that's true.

Emma Stone opens up about struggle with anxiety: 'I started therapy when I was seven'

Emma Stone has shared details of her experiences with anxiety revealing she began therapy when she was seven years old.

AIB advert showing child wearing puffy coat in car seat 'not to be used in current form again'

A bank advert showing a child wearing a puffy jacket in a car seat is in breach of advertising codes, the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland has ruled.

Solar-powered Cottage in the Vineyard puts a modern spin on rural architecture

Ramón Esteve Estudio completed a minimalist mono-pitched dwelling that blends into its agricultural backdrop yet still catches the eye with its modern design. Located in the rural outskirts of Valencia, Spain, the Cottage in the Vineyard was designed to perfectly integrate into the landscape and features full-height glazing to blur the lines of indoor/outdoor living. The home also sits lightly on the landscape with its use of solar panels, natural insulation, energy-efficient lighting, and rainwater...

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Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington

Modern Oasis Medina Home, Lake Washington Residence, New Property USA, Architecture

Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington

Contemporary Family Dwelling, WA, USA – design by SkB Architects

Sep 22, 2017

Modern Oasis – New House in Medina

Design: SkB Architects

Location: Medina, Eastside, King County, Washington, USA

Contemporary Medina House

Photographs by Lara Swimmer and Mark Woods.

The clients discovered this house, which was built in the early 1990s, while looking for a place in which to raise their family.

Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington

Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington

Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington

They were drawn to the site’s natural landscape and its western views to Lake Washington. The original 3,800-square-foot house was an unusually austere interpretation of minimalist modern architecture—dark and inwardly focused.

The updated design evokes a gallery-like aesthetic, with the interiors spotlighting the owner’s art collection and substituting light filled interior for what was previously dark. The focal point for the home is the primary living space which opens the house to the site, extending from the front of the house to the back and out to the pool.

Inside, white walls contrast with dark wood and steel floors. The original sunken living room was preserved as a nod to the past and to serve as a cozy sitting area.

Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington

Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington

Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington

Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington

A beeswax-coated wall conceals the stair and creates a nuanced backdrop for art while helping to anchor the central gathering space.

The kitchen was opened up to more directly connect it to adjacent living spaces and includes the addition of a floating island. A wall of glass opposite the island directs focus to the outdoors and towards the breakfast/family area.

A new pantry, powder room, and laundry area were added off of the kitchen. From the buckshot flooring to the granite countertops, the juxtaposition of organic and inorganic materials creates an atmosphere of minimalist elegance and a celebration of natural materials. The remodel also included a renovation of the master suite.

All windows, roofing, and finishes were updated during the remodel. Indoor/outdoor connections were reinforced by inserting large, fixed windows into the main level windows to emphasize axes through the house and to orient views to key focal points in the landscape.

Concealed doors were installed next to the windows creating access to key areas of the yard, while limiting visual intrusions into the otherwise abstracted space.

On the exterior, existing architectural forms were abstracted by removing embellishments and refinishing the house in white stucco resulting in a simple modernist composition.

SkB Architects design team
Kyle Gaffney, co-principal designer
Shannon Gaffney, co-principal designer

Project credits
SkB Architects (architecture, interior design)
Dovetail General Contractors (contractor)
Allworth Design (landscape architects)

Specialty fabricators/materials
Susan Zoccola (beeswax feature wall); LV Wood Floors (oak flooring, espresso); Pental (Chroma Quartz countertops); Tuva (carpet); Delta Light (Light Boxy lights); Maya Romanoff (Cosmic Celadon wall coverings)

Lara Swimmer
Mark Woods

Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington images / information from Lane Williams Architects

To see all listed projects on a single map please follow this link.

Washington Houses

Mercer Island House, King County
COOP15, Architects
Mercer Island House
photo © Jamie Cobeldick

Mercer Island House

Cedar Park House, Seattle
Peter Cohan, Architect
Cedar Park House Seattle
picture : Lara Swimmer Photography

Cedar Park House Seattle

Ellis Residence Yeomalt Bluff

House in the Trees Washington

American Homes

Washington Architecture

Seattle Architecture – Selection

Seattle Public Library
Rem Koolhaas Architects / OMA
Washington building
photo : Philippe Ruault

Seattle Library Building

Wing Luke Asian Museum
Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects
Wing Luke Asian Museum
image : Lara Swimmer

Wing Luke Asian Museum building

Seattle Architect Offices

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Modern Oasis Medina House in Washington Building

Website: Medina, Washington

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Hiroshi Sambuichi Reflects Upon His Hometown of Hiroshima, And Why It Became Green Again

Ship Chandler’s Warehouse, Skibshandlen / RAVN Arkitektur

SLACK London Office / ODOS architects

jeudi 21 septembre 2017

House in Lapa / Ricardo Bak Gordon

Drugs worth €80,000 found as dig for missing Trevor ends

Gardaí found a consignment of drugs worth over €80,000 in their search for missing man Trevor Deely, it emerged last night.

Jester keeps shareholders smiling and clapping despite 'cock-up'

Michael O'Leary was all "mea culpa" for the "boo boos" behind Ryanair's flight cancellation fiasco and despite the turmoil of 315,000 passengers losing out on booked flights, his fellow shareholders seemed to lap most of his answers up yesterday.

Garda 'has more than 130 bank accounts', PAC is told

The Dáil's spending watchdog has been told there are currently 130 public bank accounts, as well as three charity accounts, held in the name of An Garda Síochána.

BofI hasn't launched an internal probe into tracker overcharging

Bank of Ireland yesterday admitted it has yet to understand how it overcharged thousands of tracker mortgage customers even as it prepares to pay out up to €25m in compensation by Christmas.

Bringing the Highlands to the Midlands

TRADITION has it that when an emigrant writes a song about his beloved old homestead, the house in question is a little thatched cottage, humble and sweet.

Rugby star's seafront home

The international rugby player Kyran Bracken lived in Skerries in his infancy. He moved with his family to Liverpool when he was four and went on to have a stellar career with the England rugby team before he retired in 2004. However, he always retained a fondness for the north Dublin fishing village he had called home in the 1970s.

Baan Phermsang-ngam / b l a n k s t u d i o

Second farm tragedy in just a week as man (60s) died after quad incident

A man in his sixties died this evening (Thursday) in a quad bike tragedy in Co Mayo.

Kim Jong Un calls Donald Trump 'deranged', says he will 'pay dearly' for his threats

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called Donald Trump "deranged" and said in a statement carried by the state news agency that he will "pay dearly" for his threats.

Why the fee Atletico Madrid paid for Diego Costa has implications for Antoine Griezmann and Manchester United

After weeks of speculation and plenty of wrangling over the transfer fee, Atletico Madrid's decision to hand over almost £60m to sign Chelsea's Diego Costa suggests they are already spending the money that will soon be banked from the sale of their star striker Antoine Griezmann.

Glasgow to host World Irish Dancing Championships in 2024

Glasgow has been announced as the host of the World Irish Dancing Championships in 2024 for a record sixth time.

Russell Brand speaks about ongoing battle with drug and sex addiction

Russell Brand has said his drug addiction is “still echoing around in my mad mind”.

Hideout / Jarmil Lhoták + Alena Fibichová

Tourist Center of Anlong Limestone Resort / 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Varadkar reveals plans for pension reform as he pledges to remain firm on proposed EU tax shake-up

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said the Government will resist any shake-up of corporate tax rules at European level that could impact Ireland.

Safety warning as gas customers urged to turn off their supply

Gas Networks Ireland customers in the west of Ireland have been advised to turn off their gas at the source after odourless gas entered the network at the Corrib terminal.

Unbreakable: True Lives review: 'a damning indictment of the legal system and society and how they can fail Irish women'

In the wake of George Hook’s comments about rape, and the storm of controversy that subsequently raged, TV3 had a rare opportunity to make a powerful statement with their latest documentary 'Unbreakable: True Lives'.

Have Your Say: readers reveal whether they would prefer to be stay-at-home mums

More than half of mums who responded to an poll have said they would rather have a balance when it comes to their work and home-life.

Sean O'Brien releases clarifying statement after interview criticising Warren Gatland

Sean O'Brien has released a statement on Twitter to clarify comments he made on the drawn Lions series during interviews conducted yesterday.

John Giles accuses Jurgen Klopp of using Liverpool's players as scapegoats for defensive woes

Republic of Ireland legend John Giles believes Jurgen Klopp has made a big mistake by choosing to blame his players for their latest defensive lapses.

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino urges Eric Dier to nail down best position

Mauricio Pochettino has challenged Eric Dier to prove he is indispensable in one position if he wants to avoid being used as both a defender and midfielder at Tottenham.

Neil Gaiman will voice Simpsons’ cat for the first time in Halloween special

Writer Neil Gaiman has delighted fans by hinting that he will soon appear as the first ever voice of cat Snowball II on The Simpsons.

Xbox One X: The futuristic console with an eye on the past

ALBERT PENELLO doesn’t want to sell you a console. He wants to sell you a philosophy.

Kooshk House / Sarsayeh Architectural Office

Nouvelle AOM Wins Competition to Redesign Paris' Tour Montparnasse

'Our grandparents who worked on the land for years are living in fear of being murdered in their beds'

Elderly people in rural Ireland are living in fear of being murdered in their beds, a discussion on rural crime heard at the Ploughing today.

Judge probing Nama's Project Eagle loan to have 'high-level briefing' from UK's National Crime Agency

The retired judge investigating the controversial sale of Nama's Project Eagle loan portfolio is to receive a “high-level briefing” from the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA).

'Profound sadness' as girl (10) dies after collapsing at school

Tributes have been paid following the sudden death of a 10-year-old schoolgirl.

Alan Brogan - Dublin's older players have big choices to make during winter

WHAT we saw from Dublin late in last Sunday’s All-Ireland final was an exhibition in game-management.

Irish charity 'over the moon' after unexpected visit from Emily Ratajkowski

AN Irish charity savoured an unexpected boost when international model and actress Emily Ratajkowski (26) took time to pay a visit.

Trial for trio 'caught with hockey stick wrapped in barbed wire'

THREE men allegedly caught with a hockey stick wrapped in barbed wire after gardai stopped a car have been sent for trial.

Irish Michelin star restaurant's damning response when yet another 'reviewer' asks for free meal

The chef/owner of an Irish Michelin star restaurant has blasted bloggers requesting a free meal on social media.

Death toll in overheated nursing home rises to 10, criminal investigation underway

A 10th elderly patient at a Miami-area nursing home has died after she was exposed to sweltering heat in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, police said on Thursday.

'He was so pleasant, everyone loved him' - Mourners attend reposal of broadcasting legend Jimmy Magee

FR Brian D’Arcy, former Republic of Ireland football manager Brian Kerr and well-known businessman Charlie Chawke were among the mourners paying their respects to broadcast legend Jimmy Magee today.

Lions CEO defends Warren Gatland and management team after Sean O'Brien criticism

British and Irish Lions chief executive John Feehan has backed Warren Gatland and his coaching team in the wake of Sean O'Brien's stinging attack.

Guadalajara 36 / Taller ADG

Arena Central in Birmingham

1 Arena Central, Birmingham’s Mixed-Use Building, Midlands Offices, Architecture

Arena Central

Mixed-Use West Midlands Development, England, UK – design by Make Architects

21 Sep 2017

3 Arena Central in Birmingham

Design: Make Architects

3 Arena Central Building in Birmingham

Tenant announcement set to kick off development at 3 Arena Central

The Cabinet Office has today announced that they will be taking a long-term lease at Make’s third building designed for the Arena Central development in Birmingham.

The 239,000ft2 office building was granted planning consent in December 2016 and was shortlisted as a potential new home for a number of government departments as part of the government’s drive to modernise and improve the efficiency of its estate.

3 Arena Central Building in Birmingham

3 Arena Central is located at the heart of Make’s masterplan for the development, which is being delivered by Arena Central Developments Ltd (ACDL), a joint venture led by Miller Developments.
The building is situated behind the listed former Midland Bank at 301 Broad Street and is fronting a new public square. At 14 storeys, 3 Arena Central’s geometric, punched metal cladding will be visible from Centenary Square and Mecanoo’s Library of Birmingham while forming a focal point within the masterplan.

Architect Joanna Pilsniak said: “From the outset, the Arena Central masterplan was all about fulfilling the civic potential of this site – opposite Centenary Square with its stunning new library and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and International Convention Centre – as well as delivering the very best in commercial office space to provide for the future of the city. So, with HSBC due to move in next year to 1 Centenary Square and planning consent granted for 1 Arena Central it’s fantastic that this building will soon come to fruition too, especially as it will help bound the new Bank Court public realm.

“Congratulations to all at Arena Central Developments for securing this high profile tenant.”
Andrew Sutherland, ACDL, said: “The team at Make has done an exceptional job in designing the highly desirable, contemporary buildings that form the core of Arena Central. The work that has gone into both 3 Arena Central and 1 Centenary Square, from which HSBC will operate its ring-fenced banking division, is outstanding and they will make a great addition to Birmingham’s burgeoning skyline.”

The development of 3 Arena Central will trigger the development of much of Arena Central’s public realm and landscaping. The building will open on to Bank Court – a new formal square which will be the centrepiece of the site, bounded by 1 Arena Central, 301 Broad Street, 1 Centenary Square and 3 Arena Central.

A double height colonnade along three sides of the building provides a direct link between Bank Court and a second more informal landscaped space, called The Terrace, which will step down the slope of the site towards The Mailbox and link to the Serpentine Path winding through the whole length of the site. Along the northern face the colonnade will reinforce a pedestrian route from Richard Seifert’s listed Alpha Tower through to the canal.

Arena Central is a £500 million scheme on a 9.2-acre site in the heart of Birmingham. Make has masterplanned the full site and designed three major buildings so far, including its gateway structure 1 Arena Central, a mixed use development on Centenary Square with office, retail and restaurant space, and 1 Centenary Square (formerly 2 Arena Central), Birmingham’s first building with LEED Gold accreditation, which, in 2018, is due to become the headquarters of HSBC’s new ringfenced retail banking division.

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13 Aug 2014

Arena Central in Birmingham

Architects: Make

Birmingham City Council gives green light to first Arena Central building

Birmingham City Council has granted detailed planning consent for the development of the first commercial building at Arena Central.

Arena Central

Fronting Broad Street and sitting opposite Centenary Square, 1 Arena Central – which is set to be the first speculatively developed new office building in Birmingham City Centre since the start of the latest property cycle – will provide 140,000 sq ft of accommodation across eight floors including 135,000 sq ft of Grade A office space, with typical floorplates of 21,000 sq ft. The building will also offer 5,000 sq ft of retail units on the ground floor and 68 car parking spaces in a secure basement environment.

1 Arena Central is the first step in the masterplan for the 9.2 acre mixed-use site, which is being delivered by Arena Central Developments Ltd (ACDL). Outline planning permission is already in place for 2.3 million sq ft of mixed-use space, including 860,000sq ft of Grade A office accommodation, over 200,000 sq ft of residential units, 2,500 car parking spaces and more than 1.2 million sq ft of retail and leisure units.

Jonathan Wallis, ACDL, said: “With reserved matters planning consent now secured, we are poised to begin the first phase of development at Arena Central in earnest and 1 Arena Central could be available to occupiers in mid 2016, ahead of the competition. Our location provides an outstanding advantage to occupiers in terms of the availability of amenities and access to transport links, with a stop on the new Midland Metro tram due to be delivered adjacent to the building’s main entrance.

Arena Central

“The development of 1 Arena Central is the first step towards the realisation of our vision for a truly mixed-use, office-led destination in the heart of the city centre. In Arena Central, we are looking to provide a high quality location that will continue to build on Birmingham’s burgeoning reputation as an attractive destination for blue chip occupiers.”

Designed by Make, 1 Arena Central features a curved façade with a contemporary chequerboard motif, designed to encourage pedestrian traffic onto the site and forming an extension to Broad Street. The building also features 2,500 sq ft of open balconies on the top floor, providing views across Centenary Square and back towards the Mailbox and Cube.

Frances Gannon, Make partner said: “We are really pleased to have received planning consent and are now able to move forward with this exciting development. The bold building design paired with the generous park landscape will create a striking new place in the heart of the city.”

Martin Guest, CBRE, said: “The recent absorption of 100,000 sq ft of stock at Two Snowhill is only exacerbating the current dearth of high quality stock in the city. The city needs deliverable opportunities such as this in order to meet the rising demand for high quality office stock from blue chip corporate occupiers such as Deutsche Bank.”

A joint venture between Miller Developments and Bridgehouse Capital, Arena Central is framed by Broad Street, Holliday Street, Bridge Street and Suffolk Street Queensway and lies at the heart of Birmingham’s City Centre Enterprise Zone, benefitting from simplified planning and reduced business rates as well as forming a significant part of the city’s vision for regeneration, as laid out in the Big City Plan.

Councillor Tahir Ali, cabinet member for development, transport and the economy, at Birmingham City Council, said: “Birmingham is attracting considerable interest from arange of high quality international occupiers, keen to relocate or expand their businesses. Office-led developments, such as Arena Central will go a long way tosecuring further investments of this kind and continue to raise the standard of office accommodation in the city, as well as creating job opportunities.”

Alongside 1 Arena Central, the planning committee also approved the development’s infrastructure works and a modification to the site’s much anticipated public realm, which will form the first element of Arena Central’s phased delivery programme.

Running from the north to the south side of the site, the public realm has been designed as an urban meadow in a style that mirrors other statement public spaces, such as the High Line in New York, and includes some 40 per cent soft landscaping.

Arena Central is currently home to a number of redundant buildings including the former Carlton Television studios, and a leisure club, with a multi storey car park having already been demolished.

Clearance work on the site is already underway with further demolition of the remaining buildings due to commence shortly and work on 1 Arena Central and the new public realm set to start in early 2015.

About Arena Central
Arena Central is a joint venture between Miller Developments and Bridgehouse Capital, comprising a circa £400m development with existing outline planning permission for up to 2.3 million sq ft of mixed-use development, comprising offices, hotel, residential, leisure and retail space, car parking and a public square forming the centrepiece of the development. Existing buildings on the site include Alpha Tower and the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The vision for Arena Central is to create a number of ‘oven-ready’ development plots, all of which will be set within an inspirational public realm with a uniquely landscaped pedestrian walkway – designed to echo the urban styles of New York’s High Line, the Promenade Plantee in Paris and London’s own Olympic Park – running through the heart of the scheme.

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